I live with my husband in a cute vintage Craftsman bungalow on a perfect little one-acre slice of rural heaven. He’s a welder; I’m a mad scientist! My lifelong obsession with lip balms, handmade soaps, and perfume oils is the reason I began making bath and beauty products.

Soapmaking is an activity has been in my family for quite some time; my great-great grandmother used to make good old fashioned unscented lye and tallow soap in her backyard. I use lye to make my soaps (it’s a necessity, actually!), but I only use vegetable and nut based oils.

Both of my grandfathers were phenomenal gardeners; from them I get my interest in all things plant-related: gardening, planting, harvesting, drying herbs, picking flowers.

Both of my grandmothers were damn good bakers. Both Hungarian with some other stuff mixed in, these women were not afraid to use butter. From them I get my interest in mixing up concoctions and penchant for all things sweet.

I am a viking mad scientist.

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