40 years deserve some DIY

by littlebatchbotanicals

In my last post I’d hinted about a surprise I was working on. It worked! I successfully planned a surprise 40th wedding anniversary for my parents.

DIY D’oh! moment: Ever the baker, I made a devils food cake with cream cheese icing and raspberry cream filling… and forgot to pack it in the Jeep before leaving for the party. Joe and my brother Frankie saved the day when they picked up a replacement on the quick at La Bonbonniere Bake Shop. We’ve gotten cakes, italian butter cookies, and rye bread there since I was a wee one, and it’s still the best!

Party poms from Melody Wei

DIY Success: For party favors, I made pumpkin cheesecake lip balms with custom printed labels. These were packed in kraft pillow boxes with Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins… perfect for autumn!

DIY Find: OK, I assembled these, so it’s partially DIY… I got some gorgeous party poms in autumn colors from Melody Wei to hang and use as centerpieces. Some of these made it back home with me, and the smuggled poms are perfect autumn decorations.

My parents!