Good News and 7 Little Facts

by littlebatchbotanicals

The guy who saved my life.

Yesterday was chemo treatment #9 of 12, and also the day my oncologist shared the results of Monday’s PET scan, the one that would determine if I’d need additional treatment after this round is complete.

Well Dr. Blankstein (my very cool oncologist who also happens to look just like Rivers Cuomo from Weezer) strolled into the little room where Joe and I were waiting anxiously. Doc had a big grin on his face when he said that the PET scan came back CLEAR! The uncounted number of cancer-stricken lymph nodes in my neck and chest cavity are back to normal, the huge tumor that was pressing up against my esophagus is completely gone, and there has been no growth on the lung after the little spot of cancer was removed back in November.

I think I’m cured for good.

Will need to go back for additional scans periodically to make sure the lymphoma does not recur, but I see it this way: I had stage IV. That’s about as bad as you can get. If I was that far down the road and was able to kick its ass anyway, I think I’ll be good.

I’m a frickin’ miracle. 🙂

And I’m just so incredibly jubilant over the fact that I’ll get to spend so much more time with the love of my life.

My dear Joe, the guy who got me through it all.

Was too drugged-up after chemo to purchase the much-desired celebratory MacBook Pro I’d been wanting forever, so I just did it. Thank you, tax refund, for making my dreams come true.

I want you to celebrate with me. If you’ve had your eye on something in my shop, now’s the time to get it because I’m offering a 15% coupon for you, Dear Reader. It’s good through 4/16/2011 and is good on anything in the shop, except for party packs. Just use this link to get to my shop and the 15% will be automatically deducted at checkout:

Lastly, my friend Sasha of What. No Mints? fame called me out on her blog yesterday, which means I have to tell you seven random facts about myself. Here goes:

1. My favorite author is Stephen King, and has been ever since I was in second grade. Thanks Mom, for leaving that copy of Cujo lying around. It was a welcome break from all the Laura Ingalls Wilder I’d been reading.

2. The color purple and all its incarnations (lavender, violet, etc) are not pleasing to me, I don’t know why. In fact, I loathe them. But I do like the movie very much.

3. Also on my hit list besides purple: poor spelling and grammar, most notably when people actually write or email like they’re texting. It’s just lazy!

4. I am bald right now but the second my hair gets long enough to color, I’m going to have my blond highlights put in an pray I don’t look too much like Guy Fieri.

5. Biggest weakness: homemade Toll House chocolate chip cookies.

6. My cat enjoys attacking me.

7. I have insatiable wanderlust. One I’m feeling better Joe and I will be taking many vacations. Am working on a list.

Now I’m going to call out:

  • Heather of Chickabug
  • Kathryn of Penguins Gift
  • and really they’re the only bloggers I know that might do this… I’m not friends with a lot of bloggy people for some reason. But if you read this and are interested, feel free to consider yourself called out!